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Shrink Wrap Machine


Shrink and side seal are the most salient features of shrink wrap machine. Automatic and semi-automatic machines working with retractable films assure to obtain a high quality package without folds after passing through a shrink tunnel which adapts films to product shape and dimensions. Shrink wrapping equipment is aimed at both food and non-food markets.

Shrink wrap machine is designed to pack an extensive range of products with different widths and lengths. Shrink film is used in packaging and the packing speed reaches 125 bags per minute.

Shrink wrapping equipment is easy to operate by quickly wrapping the product and shrinking the packaging film without any additional tools. Side sealing makes the seal invisible and the shrink film closely attaches to the product, allowing a clear view of the product.

Advantages of Shrink Wrap Machine

1. Automatic and continuous feeding on the adjustable conveyor belt that can separate and align products.
2. Motorized 90º film reel holder placed at waist level with adjustable mechanic perforation and film end detection, making it easy to load films.
3. Manual in-feed moving belt of the shrink wrapping equipment makes it convenient to load and change films.
4. Height of the triangle frame can be adjusted via the touch screen.
5. Horizontal and vertical product detection sensors.
6. Heat cutter that can adjust temperature is used for cross sealing and cutting and it’s easy to replace.
7. Heat sealing wheel that can adjust temperature is utilized for side sealing.
8. Side movement of sealing heads of shrink wrap machine is designed for high products (Opt. Mod. SC 200 / 500).
9. Three pneumatic motors are set at the cross seal (Mod. SC 200 / 500) and servo driven motors are set at any height (Mod. SC 200S / 500S).
10. Motorized adjustable from the screen to the opening and closing of the cross seal, with sealing jaw safety system.
11. Solid-state relay of shrink wrapping equipment provides minimum temperature oscillations of the cross and side sealing systems.
12. Motorized adjustable high sealing head is designed to make the seal align with the pack. (Opt. Mod. SC 200 / 500).
13. Closely attached conveyor belts of shrink wrap machine suit the packing of small or instable products. (Opt. Mod. SC 200 / 500).
14. Automatic film scrap wheel is easy to access. Film distribution and film break detection are available.
15. Control, adjustment of functions and parameters can be realized through PC.
16. Touch screen control panel is easy to operate.
17. Shrink wrapping equipment can memorize up to 100 kinds of products with different specifications.


Packed by sea-worthy plywood cases and transported in containers.