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Automatic Feed Packaging Line


The automatic feed packaging line is fully automatic with no need of manual intervention when sorting, feeding and packing the materials. The high speed feed packing line and flow packing machine assure a perfect packing process. A special automatic feed packaging line is available for you according to the packing requirements of your products.

Features of High-speed Automatic Feed Packing Line

1. The packaging line can be directly connected to the production line to fulfill the needs of fully automatic mass packaging. Manually dumping packaging materials is also feasible to satisfy small-scale and versatile packing requirements.
2. Customized design on the basis of product features; avoid squeezing the packaging materials; materials which stuck or failed when turning direction will be rejected to ensure a stable and constant packing process.
3. Speed of the automatic feed packaging line can be adjusted through inverter and servo driver and based on customer request and forms of packing materials.
4. User-friendly design, allowing easy and fast assembly and disassembly.
5. Equipped with a wide variety of safe devices, including emergency stop, fault stop, electricity leakage protection, warning light, etc.

Advantages of High-speed Automatic Feed Packing Line

1. Automatically sort and feed packing materials from the production line to the flow wrapper.
2. Packing speed reaches 250 packs per minute.
3. No extra labor need of picking materials except one staff responsible for controlling the machine.
4. Custom automatic feed packaging lines are available depending on your packaging materials and workshop.
5. Core components are imported with excellent quality and high efficiency to ensure the stable and efficient performance of the packaging line.
6. Conveying belts are easy to assemble and disassemble.
7. Convenient to operate via the touch screen control panel.