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Flow Packing Machine (HFFS)


Flow packing machine integrates filling, bag making, forming with sealing. All the operations of the machine are done through electrical units and program controls. It produces pillow pack bags. This flow wrapping machine that designed according to ergonomics features a reasonable structure, a high-quality stable framework and easy to clean and use.

Features of Flow Wrapper

1. Dual transducer control and bag length can be set and cut in one step. Parameters of the flow packing machine (like bag length, pusher position) can be set via the touch screen control.
2. Self diagnosis of failure and clear failure display.
3. High sensitivity optical electric color mark tracking. Digitally input cut position, making the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
4. Separate PID control over temperature, making it more suitable for various packing materials.
5. The flow packing machine can stop in selected position without sticking to cutters and waste of packing film.
6. Simple drive system to realize more reliable operation and easier maintenance.
7. All the controls are achieved by software, facilitating function adjusting and technical upgrading.
8. Rotary seal jaw and adjustable film folding box.

Optional Devices of Flow Wrapping Machine:

Coding machine
Automatic feeder for cookies
Feeding conveyor of different types and lengths
Machine operating from right to left
Seal jaw with round holes
Seal jaw with butterfly holes
Stainless steel model for wet environment
Device for punching holes on the bag
Labeling machine
Pinhole exhauster


Packed by fumigation-free wooden cases and transported in containers.